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Gareth Pugh V Fashion in Motion 2007


Dress Up This Christmas With PolyPhotonix OLED Dress Design

polymer solar cell for textiles (april 2014)

Interwoven solar cells turn T-shirt into a power textile

Video Coat from David Forbes is the ultimate wearable display with 19,200 LEDs allows you to watch video display on a wearable tech interface. via talk2myshirt (July 2010) #LED

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Dis.appear is a wearable technology project designed by Theresa Lusser that blends its wearer into the illuminated evening landscape of the city. The coat illuminates when the wearer pauses and disappears when the he begins to walk again. An integrated accelerometer activates the LEDs, and the brightness is controlled by two light sensors

Interactive Fashion Gets Personal

2013 new fashion LED handbag lights - magnet operated switch. (november 2013)

2013 new fashion LED handbag lights

Invisability Cloak, Made from Metaflex

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Dave Forbes wearable computer LED Coat displays video as you walk about the playa. via Geekologie ( July 2011) Dave's website is #wearable #LED

LED TV Coat Designed For Burning Man | Geekologie

Linda Worbin has been described as the creator of smart textiles. A graduate from Swedish School of Textiles in Boras, Sweden. She recently has been experimenting with smart and interactive textiles. This has involved amazing "thermo chromic textile displays to electroluminescent pillows and textiles" as shown above.

Designing Dynamic Textiles

nemen LED jacket weaves optical fibers within nylon and steel fabric - designboom | architecture

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from Highsnobiety

Stone Island Fall/Winter 2013 Color-Changing Jackets

Stone Island released a new jacket in 2013 which changed colour according to the temperature. The jacket goes from a light grey to a dark grey. Thermo-sensitive materials have been used. A water- and wind-resistant polyurethane film is embedded with micro-encapsulated pigments. The molecules of the pigments change the transition of light and colour in relation to the temperature changes also.

Stone Island Fall/Winter 2013 Color-Changing Jackets • Highsnobiety