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Aunts+Arent+Gentlemen.jpg (300×400)

Aunts Aren't Gentleman (Jeeves & Wooster): Wooster withdraws to the village of Maiden Eggesford on doctor’s orders, to “sleep the sleep of the just.” Only the presence of the irrepressible Aunt Dahlia shatters the rustic peace.

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Much Obliged, Jeeves Jeeves 14

Stiff-Upper-Lip-Jeeves.jpg (330×500)

PG Wodehouse Stiff Upper Lip Jeeves - Synopsis Picture - Further Information

Jeeves-and-the-Feudal-Spirit.jpg (332×500)

Jeeves and the Feudal Spirit (Jeeves & Wooster): Bertie has committed the heinous offence of growing a moustache, and Jeeves strongly disapproves — which is unfortunate, because Jeeves’s feudal spirit is desperately needed.

The-Mating-Season.jpg (325×500)

The Mating Season: (Jeeves & Wooster): First J&W book I read - enough to get me hooked in series)

Joy-In-The-Morning.jpg (600×918)

Joy in the Morning by P. Wodehouse, available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

Very-Good-Jeeves.jpg (389×600)

Very Good, Jeeves: (Jeeves & Wooster): Features rather too many performances of the song 'Sonny Boy'.

carry-on-jeeves.jpg (389×600)

This is just one of the many wonderful Jeeves and Wooster books written by P G Wodehouse. They appeal to my sense of humour and I love the one-liners, the put-downs and the descriptions of the upper classes.

the+inimitable+jeeves+by+p.g.wodehouse.jpg (510×680)

The Inimitable Jeeves: (Jeeves & Wooster): Excellent - Fun, funny, and an enjoyable read (First in series).