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an open book with writing on it and the caption'while on a trip, you'll not be able to write
Co warto kupić we Włoszech?
Jakie prezenty warto kupić we Włoszech?Primo Cappuccino - Blog o Włoszech, slow life i dobrej kawie.
four different types of water and land with the names in each language on top of them
India's Largest Travel Community
Before I die..
The mystery spot, Santa Cruz CA
an image of a crater that looks like it is in the middle of nowhere
Lake Crater also called the eye of the world, Iceland - iFunny
two cliffs with the words, a lake above an ocean faroe islands, denmark
there is a building that plays music when it rains and court of water, germany
Would love to hear in person & even design & implement smaller versions using different materials for larger catalogue of sound for individual/multi family homes or apartment complexes & businesses. Unique identifying sounds, potential customers come to see & hear. When it rains & when certain sounds are heard, people will have your home or biz in their mind. ||
there's a resort in finland where you sleep in a glass igloo to watch the northern lights
Did You Know
an advertisement with people in a hammock hanging from the tree
i want some time here with u hari.....
an aerial view of a highway near the ocean
Dhanuskodi-The Dead End of India - The Strong Traveller
Dhanuskodi-The Dead End of India – The Strong Traveller
black sand beach in iceland is the best place to see it
Black sand beach in Iceland
Vagamon Best place in Kerala