BONG 'Thought and Existence'

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Bong’s rites have continuously harboured high praise for their ability to take followers into the otherworldly ether and ‘Thought and Existence’ evolves and shimmers like the ever expanding Universe.

Bong - Thought And Existence Expanding Universe, Bongs, Thoughts, Guys, Metal, Metals, Pipes And Bongs, Sons, Boys

Bong - Thought And Existence

Two Guys Metal Reviews

The Endless Vastness of Bong Expanding Universe, Bongs, Thoughts, Pipes And Bongs, Ideas

The Endless Vastness of Bong

Echoes & Dust

Bong – ‘Thought And Existence’ (Ritual Productions) Expanding Universe, Bongs, Uber, Rock N Roll, Thinking Of You, Album, Thoughts, Writing, Thinking About You

Bong – ‘Thought And Existence’ (Ritual Productions)

Uber Rock

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NEWS: BONG album release

Newcastle's drone metal colossus release their new album this month

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ALBUM REVIEW: Thought & Existence - Bong - Distorted Sound Magazine

Distorted Sound Magazine

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Star gazing with Bong – Album review - CVLT Nation

CVLT Nation

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Review: Bong - Thought and Existence