Explosion drawing

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♫ Unfound - Without

Stream ♫ Unfound - Without by 🎧 +xy from desktop or your mobile device

A Lackadaisical Lexicon for Laggard Logophiles

dualvoidanima: “‘polybius’ ” LUDOPHILE [noun] a person who loves games and puzzles. Etymology: from Latin ludō, “play” + Greek philia, “love”.

Magic Missile (Hand Painted), Antonio Cappiello

Making a hand painted stylized missile. I've used Animate for drawing it.

Skull/Smoke 2D effect, Tommy Højberg

A little sprite effect, for the Hyena character in Smash Champs.


King Dead Rose ( + Discent)

Stream King Dead Rose ( + Discent) by SATURNTYO 🖤🥀 from desktop or your mobile device

Creating Projectiles in Unity

Vladislav Horobets shared how he created his beautiful stylized projectiles, talked about VFX production in Unity, and gave general advice for learners.

Star Wars Rebels Inspired - Dark Saber Blade (Handmade) Blade Only

Star Wars inspired, hand-crafted Dark Saber blade. Fits in your standard 1" lightsaber hilt. Purchase Options: • Plain Version (Blade only): (NOT blackened version) With beveled edges, no etchings on either side. The blade is see-through, but the edges are illuminated. • Etched Version (Blade only): Beveled edges and design etched on both sides. The blade is see-through, but the edges and etched pattern are illuminated. • Black Version (Blade only): (Blackened version) With…