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The Largest Network of the world, just completed 160 years of its service in India

The largest employer in the world is the Indian railway system in India, employing over million people.

Indian Railways crossing dudhwa waterfall.

Dudhsagar Falls is a beautiful waterfall located on the Mandovi River near Goa-Karnataka border. Dudhsagar literally means ‘Sea of Milk’.

Indian Railways: A/C Two-Tier Coach Compartment! :)

Board an overnight train bound for the mountain town of Shimla and tuck into your comfy sleeping compartment - except this train will only take you as far as Kalka where you will have to change for the Shimla train - it won't be as spacious!

Top 10 unforgettable Indian train journeys

Insight: Railways' challenging task of building rail links in JandK - Insight: Building rail links in JandK

Dacca to Peshawar, 04/1983,  by Steve McCurry (please repin with photographer's credits)

Near Calcutta, India. From the photo series "Trains" by Steve McCurry. McCurry riding on the top of this train but he must have been standing up to take this photo.