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Using traditional methods of curing and smoking meat is a delicious way to preserve meat for enjoyment year round. In this post, I share some of our current meat cures, as well as a few of my favorite resources so you can try it yourself! | Homestead Honey
How to Butcher a Chicken - A Farmish Kind of Life


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How I can Butter for the Pantry - YouTube
Low Sugar Canning - YouTube
My first memories of canning involve lots of tears. It wasn’t anything painful or traumatizing (well, maybe a little), it was the onions. You see, my mom only canned two things; strawberry jam and tomato sauce. It was the sauce that did me in. It wasn’t the sort of cheerful 1950’s sitcom experience you’d like …


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Home Canning Equipment — Home Canning Tools
Jar Sterilization Methods Made Easy.  I love canning but am still intimidated.  This shows several ways to safely sanitize your jars before filling them with yummy things.

Canning Equipment

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In my last blog post I shared that I had bought 10 pounds of beef roast. I cut it all up and used 4 pounds in 2 crockpot freezer meals ...
Canned venison is my favorite venison recipe. Use this step by step guide to learn how to safely can venison and beef. Preserving meat by canning makes for super fast dinners. #PreservingFood #Homesteading #SimpleLiving
Canning meat is easier than you think! The meat is tender, tasty, and ready to be used in any recipe. This is a step-by-step picture tutorial on how to can meat - deer, beef, chicken, caribou, pork, duck, moose...  #howtocanmeat #canningmeat #homesteading #howtocanvenison #howtocanbeef

Canning - meat

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Canning - water bath

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Dehydrator Recipes, Dehydrating Fruit, Dehydrating Ideas, Dehydrating Beef Jerky, Dehydrating Herbs, Dehydrating Vegetables, Preserving Food
Step by step directi | twitter.com/SashaLikon | Sasha Likon | Flickr


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How To Freeze Fresh Eggs The Right Way - If you own chickens you will know that they can produce more eggs that you can eat on a daily basis. If you don't you will often get great deals on eggs at the store so take advantage of that and learn how to correctly freeze eggs! #eggs #freezeeggs #foodstorage #frugal #diy
30+ Ways to Preserve Eggs ~ Historical and Modern Methods ~ Ways to Use Eggs ~ Historical Food Preservation #preserving #homesteading #homestead #backyardchickens #eggs #chickens


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Do you have cabbage in your garden you need to preserve? Instead of trying to cook it all now, learn how to freeze fresh cabbage heads. It's easy!
Can you Freeze Cheese? The answer is yes! Here we show you how to easily freeze cheese in order to save you more money on your grocery bill.


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Freeze dried avocados, powdered using a Harvest Right Freeze Dryer.
The Beginner's Guide to Freeze-Dried Food | Urban Survival Site
Foods You Can Put In Your Freeze Dryer ~ The Ultimate List & Tips

Freeze Dry

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Can without added sugar to keep the summer's food preservation work healthy and tasty for the winter months with these simple and safe tips.
Preserving Mustang Grapes {make jelly, juice, and wine} | SchneiderPeeps
Wild Grape Jam | sweet-tart deliciousness!


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Homestead Meat Curing :: Preserving Meat with Traditional Methods | Homestead Honey
Learn how to preserve and dry cure meat at home like Laura Ingalls and the pioneers. Learning how to cure meat, which recipes and techniques don't require a refrigerator and how to make sure you doing it safely. Grab 3 free dry curing meat recipes and start making your own meats at home
Green beans, also called snap beans, are a kitchen staple. Fortunately, they are easy to grow and preserve. Learn how to preserve your green bean harvest by pressure canning, pickling, freezing, fermenting, and even dehydrating them to stock your home preserved pantry. Start preserving green beans today. #PreservingFood #FromScratch #Homesteading

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Do you grow your own potatoes or buy in bulk from the farmers market? Follow these five easy steps to keep your potatoes fresh all winter long. #rootcellar #foodstorage #potatoes #growfood #selfsufficient #vegetablegardening #gardening

Root Cellar

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Cure and Smoke Your Own Ham
Homestead Meat Curing — If you’re off the grid, it could seem that your options for storing meat are limited. There’s always canning and dehydrating, but that can get monotonous after a while, especially if you have a few mouths to feed.


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