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an image of a plant with the words seed story on it's bottom corner
spiral succulent. beautiful!
a potted plant is shown with the words how to remove a dying plant
How to Revive a Dying Plant
~ How To Rescue Dying Plants
three different types of plants in vases on a table with the words 17 best plants you can grow without sunlight
30 Beautiful Indoor Plants that Grow Without Sunlight
Do you have place in your house that don't receive direct sun or do you want to grow plants in your living room, dining room or bath room? Luckily there are plants that grow without sunlight and you can grow them indoors.
a jar with the title 15 herb gardens in jars from crafts with jars on it
15 Mason Jar Herb Gardens
The best collection of great herb gardens in jars. Come see how to plant and grow herbs in mason jars or any jar with these 15 great links.