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Keep your skin happy with this amazing exfoliant scrub & hydrating mask. Your skin will fall in LOVE! ⭐️ Enter CA00173383 for a discount at the checkout: ⭐THE SCRUB⭐ Smooths & evens skin. Contains natural marine diatoms (fossilized algae). Releases dead cell build-up & pore-blocking impurities ⭐THE MASK⭐ Binds moisture to the skin to reduce dryness. Moisturizes & hydrates. Infuses soothing nutrients into the skin. Creates a natural, dewy glow. #Skincare #Skin #HealthySkin

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POLISHING PEEL! Microdermabrasion is a form of deep exfoliation which removes dead skin cells & improves the texture & smoothness of the skin, as well as promoting the production of fresh collagen & cells. Many benefits include: instant results, painless, suitable for all skin types, improves absorption of high-tech skin care products. Long Term Benefits of ongoing treatment: cleans pores, new healthy skin cells, smoother skin, reduced scarring. CA00173383 at for your…

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For all you Spray Tan lovers.... This Epoch Polishing Bar removes dirt, impurities and excess oil effectively while gently polishing the skin leaving it soft and smooth. It's contains Marine Mud as the key ingredient for deep skin conditioning. Use before and during applications to leave your tan non patchy and flawless...

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Want to try the best skincare products in the world? Send me a message or check out if you see something you like, enter CA00173383 for a discount!

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The picture does all the talking here, it's soap free so doesn't dry your skin out. It uses the same key ingredient as our marine mud mask so it leaves your skin soft, clean and polished. Not only is it very good for your skin, it has various uses: ✅ Removes fake tans and it's known to eliminate dark patches on your skin ✅ Remove hair dye marks around hairline ✅ It removes make up brilliantly and even cleans make up brushes too! One bar lasts about 6 months! See my bio or send me a DM!

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A rich and luxurious lotion designed specifically for hands!! ✔ Soothes eczema ✔ Formulated with conditioners, which pamper your skin ✔ Features aloe vera & natural emollients ✔Includes NaPCA, a humectant that actually binds moisture to your skin ✔ Moisturizes instantly to ✔ Comfort dry, chapped skin ✔ Never greasy or sticky ✔ Absorbs quickly ❤️ Enter CA00173383 for a discount at the checkout: ❤️ #Skincare #Beauty

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This is amazing! The Marine Mud Mask on a #BeeSting ❤️ Enter CA00173383 for a discount at the checkout: #Skincare #Skin #BugBite #MudMask #BeautyRevolution #Remedy #Treatment

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WOW! Just had to share the results of using our MIRACLE MUD MASK on a customer's daughter's verruca (wart)! ✨ Enter CA00173383 for a discount at the checkout: ✨ This superb mask naturally draws out impurities from the skin! She tried the usual treatment from the Dermatologist without success. Then she heard that someone else had good results with the mud mask & tried it. No more pain & discomfort for the poor girl! Also works great on bee stings! #Skincare

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❤️ Enter CA00173383 for a discount at the checkout: ❤ BAOBAB BODY BUTTER ✔Smooths dry skin ✔Contains beneficial antioxidants ✔Helps enhance resiliency of skin over time ✔Delivers all day moisture for supple, healthy looking skin ✔Helps promote softer, smoother & more toned looking skin #BodyButter #StretchMarks #Skincare #Skin #Baobab

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This mask rocks! The best way to describe this product is that it makes your skin feel so refreshed, you feel like you just had a day at the spa. Use CA00173383 at for a discount ✔ Can be used all over the face ( even the lips) ✔ Clears blackheads & spots ✔ Soothes dry skin and cracks. ✔ Dry skin disappears ✔ Visible dirt is drawn from the skin ✔ Leaves skin feeling exfoliated, clean & fresh

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