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At its annual 2011 developer conference, Google announced it had developed Android@Home. The technology was designed to connect household appliances, making nearly everything in your home controllable by your smartphone. for more about #ITNews&Trends.

Application Operations are Needed in the Dynamic Data Center and the Cloud. #TopTechnologyNews.

As the new iPhone rolls out this week, so too did the new operating system. So whether you’re deciding to upgrade to the latest edition Apple device or update your current one to operate on the most current iOS,

The serious gaming world was an insular one until advances in the mobile industry turned playing video games into a pursuit that transcends gender, age and race. for more info about #GamingIndustryNews.

Diminishing are the days when you had to travel with a wallet full of cash in order to make purchases or to leave the store with bulky change and receipts. #OnlineGamingNews

Location features and data collection are becoming the peloton in mobile development, and with this signal comes plenty of location spam.