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// Word definition for Querencia: a place from which one's strength is drawn, where one feels at home; the place where you are your most authentic self

DIY: collect fallen leaves. melt candlewax into a pan and drop the leaves in. When both sides are covered. dip them in glitter and then hang them up by ribbons to dry.

room decor Try this DIY glitter leaf garland project this weekend with your kids to get your home ready for the holiday entertaining months. Hang it above the mantel in your family room for a fun way to spice up your fall decor.

{em} Alexithymia

I FEEL A THING! leave me be until it passes<--yesss <-- when I do describe my emotions, it's usually, "Guys, I feel like an over-ripe plum.

treat your girl right | Tumblr

No calls.she understands.No texts.she understands.BUT, when you see her with someone else, PLEASE UNDERSTAND! I totally love this!

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I can read people like a book. I know the emotions running through a room as soon as I walk into it.