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Archimedes' screw - Wikipedia
an industrial machine is being worked on in a factory
Процесс гибки сегментов шнека толщиной 6 мм и наружным диаметром 350 мм
an image of a piece of metal that has been cut in half
Cách nối ống tròn với sắt hộp không cùng kích thước ! Secret Pipe cutting tricks ( part 4 )
an image of a drawing of a road with arrows pointing to the left and right
Positioning device 13
a drawing of a large green tank with yellow lines on it's sides and bottom
mezclador vertical
Mezclador vertical para alimento balanceado
an image of a machine that is working on the side of a building with gears attached to it
Rack-pinion jack 2
an image of a metal object that is in the process of being assembled and installed
Cable telescopic sliders 1a
Cable telescopic sliders 1a - YouTube
Christmas Musical Electric Twerk Singing Dancing Santa Clause hip shake Figure Twisted Hip Toys