Christmas Tree Sight Word Puzzles - could change this up a bit for phonics/spelling

Christmas Tree Sight Word Puzzles - could change this up a bit for phonics/spelling. Have different colored trees for each word. Students have put picture puzzle together to spell word and record on paper

easter art with carrots

Writing, painting and printing with carrots :: Easter crafts

Musical Chairs Writing! When the music stops you pick up writing where the last person left off. 10 minute intervals...or with alphabet and numbers :)

PP said, "musical chairs reading. Play music and when the music stops students stop, sit down and start reading! Lots of fun and something different to develop reading interests." Perhaps you could also put letters of alphabet on chairs &/or sight words.

Christmas Learning Activities for preschool, alphabet tree

Preschool & Kindergarten Christmas Learning Activities and Mom's Library #118

Phonics Indoors and Out! Hunt for the bottle tops and see how many sentences the children can make and photograph.

Love this idea for indoor or outdoor phonics. Would support Letters & Sounds Phase 4 'sentence substitution' type games or simple sentence construction games (which could include punctuation or connectives)

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Feed the Shark Alphabet Game for Kids

Feed the Shark Alphabet Game for Kids~use with sight words as well as upper and lower case letters, and even numbers by kara

Love this idea!!!!

For whole group You could put magnets on the back of these and stick to your reading easel to build cvc words with them!

Feed the Shark Sight Word Ball Toss

gym -Students will be able to develop fine motor skills -Students will be able to go to a bucket with white balls in it -Students will be able to throw the ball into the mouth of the shark

Use gold coins in a variety of preschool alphabet activities. They're perfect for St. Patrick's Day, a pirate theme, or just for fun!

Preschool Alphabet Activities with Gold Coins

Use gold coins in a variety of preschool alphabet activities! Patrick's Day, a preschool pirate theme, or just because!