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multiple images of different types of objects in the same photo, each with their own image
Pictures from school
sheet music with the words fahre's are and death waitz on it
This is a pin that I reposted and this a YouTube link with the piano piece in action.
a woman holding a large knife over her face and the caption reads, it looks like you can play some sci - fi on it and then turn it
a black and white drawing of a person holding a book in their hands with the cover pulled back
johan gives Bhagvad geeta
the reflection of a woman's face in a mirror with other images behind her
Powerful words coming from such a young girl.
Powerful words coming from such a young girl.
a bunch of different pictures with words on them
Faith In Humanity Restored - 18 Images
Death To Boredom Image
an image of some birds flying in the air
an article about the olympics is shown in this screenshot from their twitter accounts
Its actually a tactic he uses to stay at the back and hope that everyone infront trip up as they are so close together
three different types of boats in black and white, with the caption's description below
Harry Mitchell my girlfriend talks in her sleep. i've noted them down for weeks, and turned her dreams into rupi kaur poems. the ship is breaking it's filling with water scoop - piracy anxiely you have to cook- no. you have to cook the prawns you cannot cook you stupid cat - catatonille i... am a crab i go- side to side don't go in the sea- snip snip how many millions...... are in a billion a hundred? "a thousand" wow- that is too many socialist dreams - iFunny
LOL!!! :)
two birds flying next to each other with caption that reads, i still think about that time pope franis released that white peace dove and a black crow came out of nowhere &
Woman Befriends Crow For Over 3 Years Until One Day She Brings Her Babies To Their Regular Hangout