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Technology, media, backgrounds, hacks and more!!! Any questions, feel free to ask!
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1. Put it on low power mode. 2. Put it on aeroplane mode if you don't need wifi or signal. 3. Close all tabs. 4. But the brightness down. 5. Put it on silent and turn the volume down. 6. Don't put on invert colours, greyscale or voice over. 7. Don't use Siri!!! 8. Find out on settings< battery> what apps take up most battery and don't use them. 9. I out and about keep it warm in your pocket. 10. Don't use camera that often. Hope this helps xx


Hack! On safari if there is a site you always go on, you can add it to your home screen! 1. Go to safari and go to the site. 2. Click on the share button at the bottom of the screen. 3. Find add to home screen and click on there. 4. Name what you want it to be called. 5. Add it to your home screen!


My favourite 3 games at the moment really recommend you get them. • Papas cupcakeria to go • Crossy road • Disney Crossy road


This board is all about technology stuff, I use an iPhone 4s ask for backgrounds and tips