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a paper plate with mickey mouse on it
four season activity - Funny crafts
four season activity | funnycrafts
the bulletin board is decorated with flowers and paper pom poms on it's sides
SO....I'm not a very good blogger!
Creative Classroom Paperie: SO....I'm not a very good blogger!
two yellow smiley faces with bows on them
Manualidades de caritas felices
Caritas de niños felices en foami - Imagui
a card with ladybugs on it and the words, i'm in order to
Ladybugs -kindergarten from Whitney Elementary School
Ladybugs; could be a collage or printmaking project. K or 1st
a bulletin board with many different animals on it's sides and holes in the middle
Poczta - Najlepsza Poczta, największe załączniki
18 nowych pomysłów wybranych specjalnie dla Ciebie - WP Poczta