G reen peas is a seasonal vegetable and it was available only in winter 10 years back in India but these days it is available around.

Methi Matar Malai

Indian Recipes Methi Matar Malai - Quick and Easy Curry of Green Peas, Fresh Fenugreek Leaves and Cream - Serve with Paratha or Butter Naan or Phulka Roti in Lunch or Dinner - Step by Step Recipe

Dhariwala (Chunky potato and green peas cooked in creamy onion, tomato and fresh coriander leaves gravy) Recipe: http://www.monsoonspice.com/2012/08/dhariwala-recipe-simple-and-quick.html

DHARIWALA (potato and peas curry) ~~~ this recipe is shared with us from the book, vegetarian gravies" [India] [Mallika Badrinath] [monsoonspice]

Sweet Corn Curry

Sweet corn curry goes well with roti & pulao. Indian vegetarian dishes at their best. Learn how to make sweet corn recipes that are easy to make and tasty.

Sweet Corn Masala Curry Recipe (Without Yogurt)

Sweet Corn Masala - Restaurant style sweet corn masala curry in creamy tomato onion gravy. Sweet corn masala without yogurt is mildly sweet n spicy Indian curry.

Methi Matar Malai

Methi Matar Malai- (Fenugreek & Peas, uses almonds instead of cream) - Gluten Free, Vegan

Methi Matar Malai - Fenugreek leaves, fresh green peas cooked in a delicious creamy gravy. Methi adds loads of flavour to the gravy and i.

Shengdane Ani Vatane Chi Bhaji, Maharashtrian Peanut Green Pea Subzi

This Maharashtrian Peanut Green Pea Subzi is garnished liberally with coriander to further ramp up the flavour. Enjoy it hot and fresh with rotis or puris .

This is a Dhaba version of the popular dish - Methi Malai Mutter . In contrary to the traditional dish, this dish is spicy and red in colou.

Baked Rice with Green Curry

Subtly-spiced rice interspersed with a coriander and mint flavoured curry carrying cubes of paneer – surely, the baked rice with green curry will prove to be a fantastic treat for your taste buds! an aesthetic sprinkling of green peas and potato slices around the rice adds to the good looks.

Khoya matar curry is a wonderful and rich veggie that is made from peas and mawa. It is little sweet in taste.