Khaman Dhokla is a simple and quick Gujarati snack loved by everyone that can be prepared with everyday ingredients easily available in our kitchens. Khaman Dhokla makes for a tasty tea time snack and can also be served for breakfast with green chutney. Other similar tea time snack recipes that might interest you Cornflakes Mixture Recipe Authentic Nimki Recipe Samosa Recipe .

A delicious mixed vegetable stuffing flavoured with spice powders and pastes is sandwiched between circles made with a dough of mashed potato and bread, and the whole arrangement is cooked with an aromatic tempering of sesame seeds, with minimal oil, in a non-stick kadhai. Although not deep-fried, this Potato Handvo has a very exciting texture, which is crisp on the outer and soft and tasty inside, as you reach the filling.

While muthias can be prepared in varied methods ranging from baking and deep-frying to steaming, you will find that cooking them in a kadhai is not only convenient but also gives them a richer flavour and wonderful texture. Here we show you how to make amazing Bajra Onion Muthias using a non-stick kadhai. It is important that you do not stir the muthias too often when they cook. Even though it might seem as if they are sticky or disintegrating when they cook, do not worry. Just continu...

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