Sabrina Dobson
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A Sweet Fragrance: Encouraging Speech with Songs, Rhymes & Puppets
Fun & Simple dinosaur activity for kids! Maybe for older kids give each shape a numerical value and have them add how much their dino is worth. Can use with class to compare/contrast amounts, etc.
Kathy Griffin's Teaching Strategies: Using Fidgets to Help with Attention and Sensory Issues
Digging for "worms" - a fun activity that will have the kids laughing and screeching. {Can you guess what was used for worms?  So realistic!}
Things to do with sticks and leaves on a natural playscape - building forts and dens, creating magic wands, sorting, counting, weaving, and making art projects on the natural preschool playground.
We love Nursery Rhymes.. and we love bring nursery rhymes to life with these adorable 40 Nursery Rhymes crafts to choose from!
75 easy paper plate crafts for kids - complete with pictures.  Should you ever need kids crafts with paper plates this post is for you!
Free Educational Songs for Circle Time - Happy handwashing song, yes no please thank you song, the colours song, phonics songs...
Two ingredient shaving cream paint recipe
Bird feeder - and it uses no peanut butter, so it's safe for kids who have peanut allergies