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Rhinestone Hip Flask
someone is holding up some baby shoes with pink bows on them and sequins
Symphony's Treasures – Symphony's Treasures
an iphone screen showing different types of hand sanitizers and how to use them
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three different types of glues are shown next to each other
Cheap Fabric Glue for Rhinestones E6000 Fabri Fuse vs Beacon Gem Tac - Not Sealed
If you want the best fabric glue look no further than the E6000 and Beacon Gem Tac. Thousands of dance mums use these products to help stick on rhinestones.
Embroidery Tool that allows you to add crystals to Embellish any sparkling pattern you want
📊 Metrics 📊 Selling Price: $11.99 Total Cost: $3.65 Product Cost: $2.49 Shipping Cost: $1.16 Profit Per Unit: $8.34 Profit Margin: 70% Recommended CPP: $5.94 Units Sold on AliExpress: +1300 So why dropship this? It’s an embroidery tool that allows you to add crystals to embellish any sparkling pattern you want. It fills crystal easily in hard or soft surfaces faster with convenience for the consumer. This solves a problem in the sense that unlike the traditional way of adding crystal
E6000 Plus life hack
some silver and white glitter paper on top of each other with different colors in the background
0.89US $ 90% OFF|Glass Rhinestone Sticker Sheet Trim Crystal Stickers Beaded Applique Diy Car Decoration Self Adhesive Embellishment Tablet - Rhinestones - AliExpress