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Kiwi 1 8x10" glossy photographic unframed print

oil pastel fruit close-up and crop. High school art lesson: composition, organic shapes, color, implied texture, etc.

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Dennis Wojtkiewicz’s Fruit Paintings

Citrus Series by Dennis Wotjkiewicz. Photorealistic fruit paintings Dennis Wojtkiewicz took his still-life paintings to another level when he decided to work with fruit. Attracted to the inside of pieces of everyday fruit—the seeds, veins, and the translucent flesh and color changes—Dennis renders them in large-scale using oil on canvas.

OOOOREOOOOO by sandibeans on DeviantArt Lovely detail in this close-up study. You could do the same and break the biscuit to fulfil the criteria.

Got to love Martin Parr. I went to an exhibition of his work in Berlin two years ago. Martin Parr is mostly known for his photographic proje...

This must have taken along time to order because the colours are all in line except the blue which stand out because they are all mashed up and mixed in to become disordered.

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