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a skillet filled with meatballs and cheese
Ricotta Meatballs Recipe
baked mac n cheese is so creamy and cheesy it's easy to make
Baked Mac and Cheese (So Creamy and Cheesy)
The Classic Baked Mac and Cheese with ultra cheesy sauce and topped with crispy buttery panko breadcrumb. It’s the perfect side dish that goes well with any weeknight or holiday meal. It’s so tasty and comforting! Kids and adults will enjoy it! Skip boxed Mac and Cheese and make your own at home today! This Baked Mac and Cheese recipe is so good and easy to prepare! #macandcheese #macaroniandcheese #macncheese #bakedmacandcheese #bakedpasta #sidedish #thanksgiving #christmas #holiday
a pan filled with pasta and spinach on top of a wooden table next to utensils
Creamy Tortellini with Sausage, Spinach, Tomatoes, and Mozzarella
a blue plate topped with meat covered in peppers and onions on top of a wooden table
Italian Sausage Peppers and Onions Recipe
Quick, easy and delicious one skillet dinner! This recipe for Italian Sausage Peppers and Onions is so versatile. You can have it over mashed potatoes, pasta, polenta, cauliflower rice, or as an Italian sub sandwich.
pasta with spinach and feta cheese in a black bowl on a wooden table
Simple Mediterranean Olive Oil Pasta | The Mediterranean Dish
Simple Mediterranean Olive Oil Pasta | The Mediterranean Dish
avocado pasta salad in a glass bowl
Avocado Pasta Salad
Avocado Pasta Salad is a rich, creamy and totally delicious pasta salad loaded with fresh juicy tomatoes, crisp bacon and creamy avocados. This pasta salad uses avocados in place of mayonnaise for a dressing that is rich and creamy yet loaded with the benefits of avocado!
stuffed shells with spinach and sausage in a casserole dish on a plate
Stuffed Shells With Sausage!
Sausage, Ricotta, and Spinach Stuffed Shells ~ Easy Cheesy... This recipe combines ricotta, mozzarella, and paresean cheeses, and spinach stuffed into the shells. A layer of Italian sausage completes the meal. #dinnertime #italianfood #pasta
pasta with shrimp and tomato sauce in a white bowl on a marble countertop, ready to be eaten
Italian Shrimp Pasta