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The deep red colour of Mehendi has a significant meaning - it symbolizes the love the bride will get at her new home! #ColoursOfRoots

Kite flying and India have a colourful relationship of rituals, festivals and tradition. Kites are an integral aspect of a colourful life, wouldn't you agree? #ColoursOfRoots

Rooted into the traditions and culture of India, Kesar (Saffron) is the true essence of our country. It is known for it's beautiful colour and aroma. #ColoursOfRoots.

A symbol of grace, joy, beauty and love, the beautiful colours of Peacock rejuvenate and enlighten the environment. #ColoursOfRoots

The traditional block printing technique associated with Jaipur looks beautiful in vibrant colours. #ColoursOfRoots

Dressed in Pink, the royal city of Jaipur Rajasthan, is the apt blend of heritage, Palaces, culture and art. The flamboyance of the place can only be experienced by visiting it. #ColoursOfRoots

India is rooted in some colorful traditions, just like this colourful Jhola! #ColoursOfRoots

One of the longest standing customs in India is that of the groom wearing a turban on his wedding day! #ColoursOfRoots

Indian meals are incomplete without a dash of turmeric, just like your home is incomplete without a splash of our fabulous Interior Emulsions! #ColoursOfRoots