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Photographer Richard Burbridge, Italian artist Maurizio Anzeri and stylist Robbie Spencer created these string art portraits that combine black and white photography and intricate string work to make the images vibrant, 3D pieces. I am really digging this photo embroidery trend.

Photo Embroidery Collaboration

Map Art.. 02-10-13 Female face map: Thoughts. Day dreaming. Wishful thinking. Thinking about the past/ present/ future.

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Textile Design and Designer`s Platform

too much art - pulmonaire: Thread Art by Comme Des Garçons


Magazine - Embroidered Newspapers by Lauren DiCioccio

Lauren DiCioccio piece that brings to light my reluctancy to abandon my traditional sketchbook for a digital inspiration library.

Juxtapoz Magazine - Embroidered Newspapers by Lauren DiCioccio

Embroidered Portrait - i really like how this self portrait is communicated so literally, the tonal range gives a realistic feel it almost looks like muscle under the skin, i think it is quite skillful hot the eye looks so photographic done with just threads.

the red thread: Embroidered Portrait

Jose romussi - The Jealous Curator