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British Super Bikes

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British Superbikes and their riders from the Superbike team and the support races.

Jodie Chalk on the Triumph #flickr #britishsuperbikes #BSB #knockhill

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Josh Brookes - Tyco Suzuki Pulling out of the corner, the throttle is increased whilst the front wheel starts to lift.

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Tommy Hill - Swan Yamaha One of the most distinctive colour schemes in recent times. The Swan Yamaha bike always stood out from the crowd.

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On The Line. The racing motorbikes reach the corner each one looking for the winning line on the racetrack.

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Number 97. Sammi Tasker has focus in her eyes as she concentrates on the racing line whilst the bike powers around the racetrack.

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A moment of realisation, a moment of pain, a moment of disappointment. That feeling when you realise that you have crashed your motorbike, your race is over.