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Inbound Marketing Q&A Video Series

#askph is a weekly social media video Q&A video show that is dedicated to answering all of your marketing questions in a bid to help businesses grow and prosper. Marketing doesn't need to be difficult.
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#AskPh - Week 19 Inbound Marketing Q&A Video Series. @woodssquared - SEO is hugely important but also hugely confusing! What are your top tips for a business looking to improve their SEO? #AskPh @almackin - You're a big Hubspot fan - what's the best structure for an email nurturing process (timings, type of email etc) @Copify - Should brands focus on curation or creation of original content for social media success? #AskPh @danbellj - Social media ownership for a brand - apprentice or…


#AskPh - Week 26 Inbound Marketing Q&A Video Series @consultants2 - How can you leverage YouTube in order to promote a brand and increase engagement? #HigherConsultants #AskPh @Livinglenstv - For an SME with a small Social Media presence, is there a step by step guide for developing a Social Media strategy? #AskPh @mr_mattdunn - What’s the best free content curation tool(s) I’ve never heard of? #AskPh

#AskPh - Week 17 Inbound Marketing Q&A Video Series. @karlfischer_biz - Should a small business have a video on YouTube? #AskPh @Steveology - What are the best metrics to use when measuring the effectiveness of your #contentmarketing program on your SEO? #AskPh @SocialMediaDel - How do you think social media for biz in the UK differs from the US? #AskPh @HostelsClub - Emails will always remain a private platform to communicate with our customers, how many e-mails/newsletters per month would…

#AskPh - Week 20 Inbound Marketing Q&A Video Series. @SamanthaMykyte - #AskPh Hey Bryan, what is the best way to track social media? @RichardGahagan - #AskPh if you were able to pass on one specific piece of knowledge to every single person on planet earth what would it be? @healthatworkUK - Is it important for businesses to use all #SocialMedia; FB, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn etc or ok to just focus on one? #AskPh @donaldmcmillan - What key factors do you use to develop a Content Strategy…

#AskPh - Week 21 Inbound Marketing Q&A Video Series. @Innov8Safety - Can you provide advice for gaining good/quality followers (as oppose to mass following like many) @3tcMerseyside - What advice would you give to SME’s considering engaging in real-time social media marketing? @TheIMSummit - How is social media going to evolve or has it reached its limit? @TransitionPlus - Are ‘blogs’ still a valid part of the communication package and it's so, how often should a new ‘content’ be added?

#AskPh - Week 22 Inbound Marketing Q&A Video Series. @harlacowebb - What do you think are the key drivers in businesses using social media for customer service? @denitalee11 - What marketing techniques are effective in our ‘NOW’ world with people wanting instant gratification? #AskPh @MANFLU - What are the most effective methods of providing relevant, user-generated website content? #AskPh

#AskPh - Week 23 Inbound Marketing Q&A Video Series. @katieweston03 - Charity viral campaigns on social media… Are they great marketing and fundraising tools? Are viral campaigns the future of online marketing? @cloudsourcerec - Who do you think will come out on top for talent engagement and recruitment across LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter #AskPh @onholdstudio - Does the number of keywords in a LinkedIn profile influence its ranking in LinkedIn’s search results? #AskPh

#AskPh - Week 30 Inbound Marketing Q&A Video Series. @dibliv - Are webinars worthwhile for non-tech companies? Are people still afraid of technology? #AskPh @IrishAgnes - If I use basic demographics to define clients how/where the do I post to these ONLY? And how about joining ‘lists’? #AskPh @nogurultd - I'm interested in social media as a tool to create debate around #leadershipdevelopment #learning how best to do it? #AskPh

#AskPh - Week 18 Inbound Marketing Q&A Video Series. @ILSAPARRY - What is the best way to get inbound links to my site whilst benefiting others? #AskPh @MeiMeiFox - Hey @phcreative, how do I keep from losing Twitter followers now that I'm a new mom & can't be online as frequently? #AskPh @Wirral_Chamber - Hi @Bryan_phc @PhCreative how do we get beyond quantitative and into qualitative measures of social media performance? And should we? #AskPh @ollieanddarsh - Hi Bryan, how can we improve…

#AskPh - Week 27 Inbound Marketing Q&A Video Series. @DaveThackeray - When are we ‘experts’ – you and I – going to admit customers know the game better than we do? @dbleilevens - What do you think how the GenZ will interact with social media? Which services are they going to use in the future? #AskPh @chrisod - Which social media outlets are actually overhyped as marketing channels? Which networks aren’t producing leads or $$$? #AskPh