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A collection of inspiring Decor pieces and ideas to help you take your living space to a state of wow, just the way you like it.
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an owl figurine next to a wine glass
Glass decorative Owl - Living room showpiece
Owls are in! And check out our version of these cool creatures. Just the kitschy accessory to go for. Made of mercury glass.
there are many white vases with rope around them on the red background and one has a candle in it
Bubble Wrap Store|Shop Home Décor, Lighting and more online in India
Create a beautiful, warm urban setting with Contemporary chic decor pieces
a vase with red flowers in it next to a metal canister and wooden vase
Bubble Wrap Store|Shop Home Décor, Lighting and more online in India
Check beautiful glass and metal lanterns
a tea kettle next to a candle on a red background
Classic scandi style baroque candleholder in wood. White washed for special effects. Made for a romantic dinner date with your better half. ‪#‎Decor‬ ‪#‎candleholders‬ ‪#‎stylish‬ ‪#‎moderndecor‬ ‪#‎interiors‬
a white candle sitting on top of a table next to a small vase with a plant in it
Mercury Glass Candle Holder and stand in sea green colour
Coral Candleholder
there are three vases with flowers and candles on the table next to each other
How often do you struggle to find that one piece that elevates your space to another level, whether its that neglected corner or the side table or a beautiful console you have just invested in? Don't worry, we have got you covered. Find stunning candleholders, votives and decor objects that will add class and style to any nook. Only on Bubblewrap.