Budgie Illnesses

Images of various illnesses or injuries budgies can suffer. For more information on illness symptoms see…
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a close up of a bird with feathers on it's face and head,
Milben bei Wellensittichen - Wellensittiche Blog
Milben bei Wellensittichen und dessen schwerwiegende Folgen werden von vielen Haltern unterschätzt. Eine korrekte und schnelle Behandlung führt zum Erfolg.
a collage of pictures with the words budgie health keeping your budgie healthy
Budgie Illness Symptoms: How To Tell If A Budgie Is Sick?
A guide to a healthy budgie.
a green parrot sitting on top of a tree branch with the words signs of stillness
Eternal Birb Love
askbirdbloggers: avian-awareness: Thank you to... - Eternal Birb Love | eternalbirblove
a blue and white parakeet sitting on top of a piece of wood with its beak open
This very nicely marked Dominant Pied has a severe Scaly Mite infection, affecting her cere and eye and seriously damaging her beak.
two parakeets sitting on top of a wooden log with their beaks in each others'mouths
The green budgie shows some pale marks, looks like dustiness, on his beak and cere. This could jsut be dirt but it is also very much like what Scaley Face mites cause before the real damage is done.