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two men shaking hands in front of a loan agreement with the words loan agreement written below
Loan Agreement
An example of loan agreement is Trade Credit. It is an agreement between a supplier and a business owner where the supplier allows the business to make payment for the goods at a later stage. #loanagreement #tradecredit #trading #loan #loanprovider #loans
happy republic day with fireworks and the number twenty on it, in front of a city skyline
Happy Republic Day
This year marks the 72nd Republic Day of India. The Constitution of India officially came into force on January 26, 1950. This historical act formally transitioned India to become an independent republic and hence it is celebrated on January 26 every year. #republicday #republicday2021 #republicdayparade #republicdayindia #republicbharat #freeindia #independantindia #indianconstitution
the six types of home loan
Types of Home Loan
Home Loan is not just limited to the purchase of a house, one can avail it for various other purposes, like buying a plot for building a home, expansion of the house, etc. One can also opt for Home Conversion Loan by which one can transfer their existing home loan to a new property they want to move in. #homeloan #homeloans #homeloanspecialist #homeloansmadesimple #homeloanexperts #homeloanservice
a man sitting on the ground with his feet up in front of a box that says, 6 reasons why your business loan application may get neglected
6 Reasons for the rejection of Business Loan
Was your business loan application rejected recently? Don’t feel down! It happens to many successful owners, sometimes more than once. Understanding the reasons why is the first step to a successful future financing application. #businessloan #businessloans #businessloansnow #businessloanswomen #businessintelligence #businesstools #businessmyths
a hand holding a house with the words collateal for loan written below it
Collateral for a Loan
Collaterals mostly include houses, cars, stocks, bonds and cash. These things are readily convertible into cash to repay the loan. Some of these assets are 'hard' such as houses and automobiles, others are 'paper' such as stocks and bonds. #collateralloans #collateralloan #collateralloanservices #homeloan #mortgage