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Bunny on a Budget

Join me as I raise my young family on a budget and make the most of the simple things in life!
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If you need to recharge your batteries on the cheap then try these budget loving cheap pamper ideas to make you feel refreshed and ready to be awesome, again!

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Should I Learn To Sew? - In recent years it has once again become fashionable to sew your own clothes. So, will sewing your own clothes just be a fleeting craze or is sewing now back in fashion for good, and should you also be learning how to sew?

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How can shopping on a budget be made simple? Here are my 3 top tips for shopping on a budget!

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Cheap and Cheerful Lunch Box Ideas - Making your kids school packed lunch both fun and healthy is a lot easier said than done. So here are a few school packed lunch ideas for kids that will hopefully keep your kids happy and healthy during school.

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Are Yankee Candles worth the money? - One of the most well known candle brands that doesn’t cost the same price as a designer handbag is Yankee Candles. While they may be cheaper than some of the most luxurious candles out there, they still can’t be classed (in my eyes at least) as a budget candle. But are Yankee Candles worth the money or are budget candles just as good? If you’ve asked yourself this question then here’s my brief Yankee Candle review to help you make up your mind.

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My Hunt for Good Value School Shoes - Finding kids school shoes that are good quality and the right price can be tough! In this blog post I share my experience of buying school shoes for my two young boys, showing you which ones were good value and which weren't from both supermarket and top name expensive brands.

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