Business Planning & Goal Setting

How to set goals for your online business and plan out your marketing strategies and activities for the year, quarterly and monthly. Planners, resources and…
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Worried that planning and organising takes valuable time away from other business tasks?
Think again, planning and organising yourself and your business will save you SO much time in the long run and will keep you focused on your key goals! Believe me, I'm a convert! Setting up streamlined systems and using the amazing tech and AI software available now gives you the ultimate flexibility.
Tips for using Trello to Improve your project and client management Business Productivity, Client Management, Web Design Projects, Pinterest Traffic, Ecommerce Website Design, Ecommerce Website, Design Business
Business Tips for using Trello in your Design Projects
Trello is an amazing free tool I've been using for 7+ years, to organise my web design projects and to manage my clients. Read this to learn more about the app and how it can benefit you and improve your business' productivity.
Do these 3 things every month to stay organised in your business
My 15 page Goal Planner workbook is FREE and will help you stay organised and on track with your goals too, linked here >
How to do a 6 month business review Personal Achievements, Guilt Trips, Business Check, Sell My House, Free Workbook, Day Planner, Business Reviews, Writing About Yourself, Business Checks
6 Month Business Check In and Goal Setting
How to do a 6 month review of your business where you analyse the previous 6 months and set goals for the coming two quarters! Download my free workbook with prompts to help you.
Spend time more effectively and try this business management tool
I’ve created the ULTIMATE task management system in Trello and it has been game changing in my business effectiveness ✔️✔️ If you want my templates + tutorials on how to use and automate them, check out The Organised Designer’s Hub course ⚡️ link is in my bio!
Learn how to get your business organised in seconds
Get your business organised in less time than it takes to eat a Cornish pasty 🙌🏼😂 My wholeee website design business is managed in Trello, with various different ‘boards’ set up to: ✔️ Organise all my business info & resources ✔️ Keep track of client enquiries & onboarding ✔️ Manage client projects & assets ✔️ Plan my daily tasks & content creation and more!
Does anyone's brain feel like this?
Get the exact templates + system I use to organise my design business and projects, and calm my busy brain inside The Organised Designer’s Hub 💻⚡️ More info >
My morning routine as a website designer I byRosanna
I may not get up at 5am to meditate and journal, but I do have my ride-or-die task management system in Trello that makes me feel SUPER organised 😍😍 Get this inside The Organised Designer’s Hub 💻⚡️ And for more tips and advice, follow me on TikTok >
a table with a laptop on it and the words trello for designers organize your projects and client's
Designers, this is how to improve your productivity using Trello
This blog shows you how to use Trello as a designer, in order to organise your business, projects and using it as a client management (CRM) system too.
Why you should set quarterly goals instead of yearly I byRosanna
This system looks like a 4 step process: ✨ Review ✨ Goals + Criteria ✨ Projects ✨ Action plan Get all my prompts and the process in my free workbook on my website linked!
A Vision Board Afternoon
I love our vision boarding dates that Olivia Bossert Education & I do each year 🥰 We dedicate a whole day to reflecting & setting goals, and having a solid plan for the coming months feels like such a relief 🙌🏼 This is your sign to do this if you haven’t already - even if it’s nearly the end of January!
An afternoon of business goal setting and planning for 2024
Follow along with my EXACT reflection, goal setting & planning prompts for 2024 ✨👇🏼 In my opinion, EVERY business owner needs to dedicate at least an afternoon at the end of each year for reflecting over the past 12 months, and creating a space to 💭 dream BIG! 💭 This yearly ritual is the best thing I’ve ever done for my website design & education biz 🥰 You can go through the exact prompts I use for this in my FREE Goal Planning workbook 📃 Click the link to download yours now!
the goal planner workbook is shown in white
Business Goals Planner: A FREE Printable Workbook for 2024 | byRosanna
Business Goals Planner: A FREE Printable Workbook for 2024 | byRosanna
Productivity: Which project management tool is best for you? Project Management Software, Best Project, Kanban Board, Project Management Tools, Relationship Management, My Small Business, Free Plan
Learn about the differences of the most popular project management tools
There are a staggering amount of project management tools and apps on the market to help any small business - from Trello and Asana, to Notion and ClickUp. But which is the best project management software for you personally? Find out more, directly from someone who has used lots of them previously.
The benefits of organising your business outweigh the time spent organising!
Organise your business! My refreshed and updated online course - the Organised Business Blueprint - is specifically for overwhelmed business owners wanting to streamline and create better balance in their work & life 🌿 It's that time of year when we're all thinking ahead to our 2024 business plans! Find out more about the course and how it will improve your work life balance >