THE FORGOTTEN WORLD grey backed inset on white paper; graphite type blur and paper textures. Natural Forms bleed beyond the edges of the expected map boundary: use of pictures//layered

She is an Italian born illustrator and designer living and working in Reykjavík. She enjoys "abstraction, satellite footage and empty spaces".

Works by Elisa Vendramin

Elisa Vendramin- Barnafoss Illustration commissioned by Civilization Magazine {Copenhagen, December This digital collage is based on the Icelandic folk tale of Barnafoss and features both landscape photography as well as satellite footage.

Invisible City by Vassia Chatzikonstantinou, via Behance

Wk Sustainable cities are often about what we choose not to build. Cities littered with architecture designed at the superhuman scale has almost never been necessary, and almost always demands huge volumes of energy for little to no returns.

3 FLOOD LONDON c Layout1 (1)

Thames Estuary Floating City 2030 Aquatic Urbanism – Recycling Ships and Marine Structures Anthony Lau, Bartlett School of Architecture, London Project Description With.

city vision

First Prize - Alberto Bottero, Simona Della Rocca, and Valeria Bruni