lou reed ‘set the twilight reeling’ poster by stefan sagmeister, 1996

lou reed ‘set the twilight reeling’ poster by stefan sagmeister, 1996 - I like the way the lines of typography are curved to show the shape of the face.

Stefan Sagmeister: The Happy Show

Piece by Stefan Sagmeister from The Happy Show. It's kind of amazing how something so simple like painted words above a door frame could have such an impact.

Sagmeister's assistant used a razor blade to cut text into his skin.  According to his book the cutting took over 8 hours to complete.

Sagmeister’s AIGA Detroit, ‘Style = Fart’ poster was used as a promotional poster for the 1999 AIGA Design Conference. The poster was literally cut into Sagmeister’s body to show the pain and controversies that Sagmeister Inc.

need i say more?

Invite for the Sagmeister Happy Show at ICA in Philly - designed by Jessica Walsh. Each invite hand laser cut out of slices of bologna!

Hiral Parmar: Stefan Sagmeister: Typography

Lily - Stefan Sagmeister Stefan acutally wrote on the flower and showed the progression of its death and how the letterforms were altered. I love the "y" of the "always" as it has a lot of energy due to the long stem.

stefan sagmeister typography fruit - Google Search

Amazing chalk drawing by Dangerdust: two anonymous students from the Columbus College of Art and Design Ohio who have been drawing like this on their classroom chalkboard once a week.