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‘John Heartfield (1891–1968) is the anglicized name of the German photomontage artist Helmut Herzfeld. Heartfield developed photomontage into a form of political and artistic expression. His photomontages satirising Adolf Hitler and the Nazis often subverted Nazi symbols such as the swastika in order to undermine their propaganda message.

The stack of coins that represent his spine show how he is lead by power and wants victory. It is what keeps him strong.

Have No Fear - He Is A Vegetarian (1936) by John Heartfield. It mocks the appeasement policy of other European states. Iconography has a direct role in the French cock.

Design History: Photo Manipulation Pioneer John Heartfield

In this photomontage Hitler is depicted as a gorilla on top of the world with a sword in his hand. I personally feel that this is a really powerful photomontage as it depicts Hitler as a slightly less intelligent creature.

AIZ Cover of 1930. Fritz Thyssen controlling the puppet Adolf Hitler. Photomontage by John Heartfield.