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Reality of Brain Injury
Tramatic Brain InjuryInjury QuotesPost Concussion Syndrome

Reality of Brain Injury

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I hate you vertigo!
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I've had vertigo for the past six days. I've put together a short photo summary of what it's like to live with it.

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Fatigue + slurring of speech + balance problems = chiari fun I need this button for my "bad brain days"
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Fatigue + slurring of speech + balance problems = chiari fun I need this button for my "bad brain days"

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How To Begin Overcoming Anxiety

You must understand what it is before you can begin overcoming anxiety. Feeling tense, worried, or anxious regularly or irrational fears are a sign of anxiety.

Going to beat the odds......

Going to beat the odds......

For many of US the very thought of normal is something we fear we may never experience again.We mourn the loss of self & what others take for granted every day. Brain Injury Survivor
Tramatic Brain InjuryInjury QuotesConversion DisorderPost Concussion Syndrome


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My latest creation! You like peeps? ‪#‎unitingtheworldthroughstrokesurvival‬
Cancer AwarenessSurvivor QuotesTramatic Brain InjuryPost Concussion Syndrome

My latest creation! You like peeps? ‪#‎unitingtheworldthroughstrokesurvival‬

Before and after an encephalitic brain injury
PtsdTramatic Brain InjuryLesión CerebralPost Concussion Syndrome

Before and after an encephalitic brain injury

invisible from the outside
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invisible from the outside

Visual-vestibular integration dysfunction is a sensory disorder in which the brain cannot properly process and combine information from the ...
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“Remembering things is difficult. I’m not being lazy by only working a few hours a day or needing days off during a busy time — I just need more rest to function than you do… Changes take time for me to adjust to. What works for one person doesn’t always work for me.” — Sara Hill
Tramatic Brain InjuryInjury QuotesPost Concussion Syndrome

14 Things People Affected by Traumatic Brain Injury Wish Others Understood

"Be patient with us as we learn to be patient with ourselves." | Menieres Disease Support
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A Hopeful Place for Those with Menieres Disease

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TBI Hope and Inspiration

Traumatic Brain Injury Resources | Brain Injury Magazine

TBI HOPE Magazine and Traumatic Brain Injury resources

"When you damage your vestibular system, keeping your balance is now largely a conscious effort, not the automatic effortless procedure it once was. Consequently, those areas of your brain that you once used for thought and memory, now must constantly work on keeping you balanced. Your memory may suffer. You may grope for words when talking. You may easily forget what is being spoken about during a conversation. You may be easily distracted. You may have trouble concentrating at times...."
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Vestibular Nerve Damage

There are methods that can help with better overall balance that are a result of damage to the Vestibular Nerve. Some of which are included here. Tumors that grow on a Vestibular Nerve will typically also damage the Cochlear Nerve as well. The Vestibular Nerves are responsible for balance. The Cochlear Nerve is responsible for the function of the Cochlea and therefor hearing.

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