Ornella-Iannuzzi - British jewelry designer, whose masterpiece ring «Uprising» («Mutiny") received at a ceremony not one, but two awards: the gold from the guild jewelers and an award from the IJL in category "Precious jewelry." The ring was made ​​entirely by hand, starting with the creation of wax model and finishing casting ring of 18 karat gold, diamonds and pearls

Ornella Iannuzzi's "Uprising" baroque pearl ring, currently on display at Goldsmiths' Hall, was the winner of two prestigious gold awards at the recent Goldsmiths' Craft & Design Council Awards.


Love the statement necklace paired with saree and blouse. A good example for what to wear to an Indian wedding.

South India 4 part plait braid ornament silver, set with diamonds, rubies and pearls ca. 1890 - 1910 Al-Thani Collection

One of the most remarkable Natural Black Diamonds in the World, the 67.50 carat Black Orlov.

One of the most remarkable natural Black Diamonds in the world, the carat Black Orlov. This is the Cartier necklace, with 800 smaller white diamonds. Circa on the necklace?