Fukang meteorite: Marvin Killgore of the Arizona Meteorite Laboratory lets the sun shine through a polished slice of the Fukang rock

Out of this world, quite literally: The beautiful and mysterious Fukang meteorite

a slice of the Fukang meteorite - But cutting the Fukang meteorite open yielded a breathtaking sight. Within the rock, translucent golden crystals of a mineral called olivine gleamed among a silvery honeycomb of nickel-iron.

From Micro- to Macrocosm. Magnifying the Universe! From 93 billion lightyears, lightyears (the potential diameter of our universe), up to 1.7 10 E-15m or 0.0000000000000017 the diameter of the hydrogens' atom proton nucleus.  A Great poster!

How big is the universe? This infographic, designed by Number Sleuth, visualizes the size of the universe and its contents by allowing you to scroll down from the very largest known objects to the smallest and compare their relative sizes. Each row in t

Incredible close-up shot of living human brain -The winning picture was taken during an operation on the brain of a living epilepsy patient

The not so grey matter: Incredible close-up shot of living human brain wins microscope photography competition

The surface of a living brain This photograph, winner of the 2012 Wellcome Image Awards, is of the surface of an epilepsy patient’s brain during neurosurgery. Grey matter defies its name in vivo;

Yepun’s Laser and the Magellanic Cloud - Yepun is the fourth 8.2-metre Unit Telescope of ESO’s Very Large Telescope (VLT) facility  (credit: ESO/B. Tafreshi/TWAN)

Yepun, a Unit Telescope of ESO’s Very Large Telescope, shoots a yellow laser beam into the sky - photo Babak Tafreshi/ESO

The Pacific Northwest’s leading scientific research institutions have launched a website devoted to sharing research news from the region’s science universities, institutes and national laboratory. The website – ScienceNorthwest.org will include links to news releases and research magazines from the partner institutions. Research news from other Northwest organizations – such as regional or private colleges, and science centers – will also be added.

My religion consists of a humble admiration of the illimitable superior spirit who reveals himself in the slight details we are able to perceive with our frail and feeble mind.

Dancing robot does more than just “shimi” to the beat

Tovbot is raising funds for Shimi - A Smart Musical Robot For Your Smartphone on Kickstarter! It’s a robot. It’s a speaker dock. It’s Shimi! The first smart musical robot that digs music as much as you do.