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Galvanized pipe curtain rods without the industrial feel

Curtain rods from galvanized pipes without the industrial look

Let's time travel. Welcome to 2011 when we made some curtain rods. But wasn't today supposed to be all about artwork in the hallway you say? Yes. Yes, it was. Then weather happened. As in "We are having a great deal of weather today" - name that movie. See bottom of the post for answer. Here is my artwork, still on the road... Notice, it got some Severe weather action going on. Lovely. I called UPS to see if they could put the package on the morning trip, but that was not possible and I…

country chic curtain rod

TOP 10 Decorative DIY Curtain Designs - Top Inspired

country chic curtain rod

Extra Long (and cheap!) Curtain Rod

Weren't those curtains last week exactly what was needed to finish off the living room? Did you stop to wonder how in the heck we managed to get a 20' curtain rod? Ordering the curtains was easy. The problems started when we tried to hang them. That wall with the sliding doors is 20 feet wide, so not just any curtains rods would do. First we tried two 10' rods. The problem with regular curtain rods is that they require a center support. If you use the center support, the curtains have to be…

TOP 10 Decorative DIY Curtain Designs

TOP 10 Decorative DIY Curtain Designs - Top Inspired

Curtains are an essential part of home decoration. Besides the obvious practical advantages, they also function as large pieces of accessories in our homes. They are a style statement, providing ambience in the room making it cozy and lively. Depending on the material, color and pattern you choose they can add…


12 Fabulous DIY Curtains & Curtain Rods You Can Make! • OhMeOhMy Blog

These DIY curtains & curtain rods are easy to make, save you money, and allow you to create a custom look for your space. No sew and blackout too!