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a wooden table topped with lots of different types of letters and numbers on top of it
4 Pack Acrylic Lower Case Tracing Boards | EDUCATOR’S BUNDLE
4 Acrylic Tracing Boards perfectly designed for little hands and available in all Australian State Fonts - print and precursive!! These beautiful clear acrylic tracing boards are amazing for tracing lower case letters! Use chalk markers or whiteboard markers and they wipe clean with a soft cloth!! Pop them in a sensory tub, pair them with some pictures for beginning sounds or word building, add them to the playdough table, light table... or wherever your imagination takes you! They are etched
a piece of paper with words and pictures on it
20 Perfect Anchor Charts To Teach Phonics and Blends
Vowel pairs anchor chart
a poster on the front of a classroom door that says, beware of bossy r - controlled words
R-Controlled Vowels Activities - Sweet Tooth Teaching
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20 Perfect Anchor Charts To Teach Phonics and Blends