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a red sports car parked in a garage
3m Paint Protection Film In Chennai | OCD
a black car is parked in a garage
Car Polishing In Chennai At The Best Price | OCD
a blue car is parked in a garage
Car Polishing And liquid Glass Coating In Chennai | OCD
A regular furor lately ar ceramic coatings. what is even additional common ar detailers commerce them as layers. It sounds all fancy once you ar told five to nine layers of ceramic coatings ar on your automotive however science tells North American nation ceramic coatings get weaker with a rise in layer as coatings ar meant to bond to the paint. once superimposed the bond reduces to purpose that the third or fourth layer has no bond and easily gets wiped off.
a man standing next to a red sports car in a showroom filled with cars
Car Wash And Detail Cleaning In Chennai | OCD
Detailing and obtaining a paint protection that suits you and your vehicle is that the opening move towards upkeep. At OCD we've a spread of maintenance packages that suits the sort of paint protection you have got on your automobile. Annual Packages is custom-made to fit your usage and necessities. but we tend to recommendation our customers to go to our centre once monthly. This ensures you drive a fresh automobile everyday.
two cars are parked in front of a building with an advertisement for the company on it
Best car service in Chennai | OCD
OCD was created from a passion for cars and car presentation/ maintenance. As one of the finest detailing studios in Chennai, we have worked on a wide spectrum of automobiles from Ford to Ferrari, all receiving the highest level of attention to detail.