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Functional CV Template for those with a career gap. Having a career gap can be hard to explain on your CV and can be off putting to employers. Make sure you get your CV right to avoid being placed at the bottom of the pile!

Template for a Chronological CV. A chronological CV organises its content according to a historical timeline. Employers like them because they can see very easily what your work history and career progression has been. If you have had several jobs, career breaks or gaps between jobs the functional CV template might be better for you.

Template for a functional CV. A functional CV format will enable you to highlight in the first page of your CV the skills and experience you have that are of most relevance to the employer. This is particularly useful if the job you are applying to does not relate to your current or or past employment but you have the skills and experience.

One Page CV Template. Only suitable to job seekers who have been asked to send a one page CV or to those who are self-employed. A two page CV is the default format. Your CV should be no more than two pages long unless you are highly academic and need to include publications.