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Got a business idea? Are you considering working for yourself? Or maybe you just want to be more enterprising in your approach at work. Whether you want to be an entrepreneur or 'intrepreneur' this board is for you

Ask the Expert: What Is a Social Enterprise?

As Director of a multi-award-winning UK social enterprise I get asked this question at least few times a week and have been meaning to write this blog for a long time!

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10 tips for International students to start your business in the UK

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Seven Tips for Older Entrepreneurs-To-Be

Usually, when I am invited to speak about entrepreneurship, the focus is on young entrepreneurs who are ready to rule the world. However, you don't have to be young to become an entrepreneur. I was in my late thirties when we started Queue-it, and I was actually the youngest of the founders.

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Is the 'gig economy' turning us all into freelancers?

When you're burnt out at work, it's easy to dream of quitting your job and going freelance.

How many of you feel like this on a daily basis? Pop over to my closed EXCLUSIVE community where you can access my top secret tips and personal strategies! What are you waiting for... Click on the link in my BIO and select JOIN! See you over there. :-) t

Volunteerism - Today's MBA for Tomorrow's Entrepreneurs

Why volunteering is a good training for future entrpreneurs

Taking the leap: top tips for becoming self-employed

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Grants, support and spare time: why you should start a business at uni

If you have a brilliant idea that you really believe could work, then you’re in just the right place to do something about it