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Lloyd Tumbled Cotswold Style Limestone Flooring & Natural Stone Tiles. Stunning country style kitchen with beautiful Limestone flooring #countrykitchen #limestoneflooring

Our silver grey Limestone has a soft aged appearance which creates a classic light floor full of depth and soul. Available in large flagstone floor tiles of 60cm wide in random lengths. #GreyLimestoneTiles #GreyLimestoneFlooring

Discover Robin Muir's South Downs house, now an idyllic weekend retreat, on HOUSE - design, food and travel by House & Garden.

Buscot Limestone is a very hard, durable stone which has a similar colour and markings to the classic English stone of Cotswold villages. The seasoned process softly rounds the edges and exposes the surface grain leaving this limestone with a lightly stippled effect. www.artisansofdevizes.com

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