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Phuket private villa’s lower floor include master bedroom, master bathroom, hall, kitchen with dining and more.

Villa Malee’s second floor includes a big hall, master bedroom, 3 ensuite and 4 ensuite bedroom and more facilities.

Our villas are designed by Thai architect. In the first floor we provide pool and terrace with personal services, lounge and kitchen with dining table.

The first floor of Villa Malee include wonderful pool and terrace, kitchen, dining hall with fantastic 8 seater dining table, lounge.

The lower floor of Puket private villa include master bedroom, 2 bedroom, 3 bedroom, 4 bedroom each including ensuite.

The Jasmine Villa in Phuket is a popular villa with great floor planning. In the lower floor includes master bathroom, master bedroom, hall, bedroom 4 ensuite, bedroom 4 ensuite.

Phuket private villas provide comfortable villas with finest floor planning. The first floor include pool and terrace, pool side, kitchen with large dining table.

Villa Jasmine is situated close to the finest beaches in Phuket. The Villa Jasmine have two floors, the first floor include terrace and pool, kitchen with dining room and beautiful lounge.

Phuket private villa has the facility of stunning 4 bedrooms villas with great ocean views, full-time staff available to cater to your need.

Villas Jasmine provide you the facility of beautiful pool with or without rooftop.

Our villas provide same facility like hotel at similar amount or even the less and can accommodate families of up to eight with all bedrooms on the same floor.

No doubt the hotels in Phuket, Thailand are beautiful but if you have a big family then it is too expensive to stay in hotel but the Phuket private villas provide large villa for large family in less price then hotels.

Phuket private villa provides family villas including master bedrooms with finest lounge, bathrooms, pool, and also provides the facility of diving, parascending, surfing, jet skiing, water skiing.

There are many family friendly villas in Thailand. Each villa include beautiful lounge with flat TV screen, wonderful infinity pool kept crystal clear with the help of a modern technically advanced filtration system.

Our villas are located near Kata beach, Patong beach and provide you a fully body massage facility. We also arrange discounts for car rentals which includes, transportation to and from the airport.

Villa Jasmine provide private luxury villas in hills area in Phuket with great facilities of hotels and resorts line up the roads from the beachfront including finest pool, bed rooms etc, visit and enjoy your holidays with your family.

Phuket private villas are family friendly and provide you luxury, elegant villas with personal services in Phuket, Thailand.

Phuket private villa provide finest pool with personal services in Phuket luxury villas, these villas are family friendly and we offer high chairs, imported cots, car booster seats and extra child-size beds free of charge.

Phuket private villa provides luxury villas with wonderful floor planning. The front of the villa faces westwards you will get a beautiful view of sun setting over the top coconut trees.

Phuket private luxury villas built on the western facing slope of a hill. These villas provide facilities like infinity pools, master bedroom, big hall and kitchen with large dining table.