Outdoor. Puerta entrada estilo moderno en Washington Park Hilltop Residence by Stuart Silk Architects

Minimalist House // oversized wood and steel door at entry way // Washington Park Hilltop Residence by Stuart Silk Architects


The Alicante door is a classic combination between cold and hot, metal and wood…

GAIA 10 #wood interior #door in noce nazionale by Pail #italiandesign

Interior Doors by PAIL

Interior doors from Pail and Barausse crafted in the tradition of high-quality Italian design, combined with modern, precision manufacturing processes.

Giò Pomodoro 1927/5/QQ Wenge Stained Oak Giò Pomodoro© Modern Interior Doors | Italian Luxury Interior Doors | New Design Porte Metropolis

Giò Pomodoro© : Browse a wide selection of Modern Interior Doors on New Design Porte, including Italian Doors and Luxury Interior Doors in a variety of styles

Las Vegas casera moderna - TruStile Colección Puerta Moderna - TM13000 en Walnut con 1/4 "corte corte revelan.

in walnut with kerf cut reveal is used throughout the first floor; Home designed by Marc-Michaels Interior Design

北名古屋のいえ | Works | 岐阜の設計事務所 ピュウデザイン|住宅設計、店舗設計、新築、リノベーション、家具デザイン

北名古屋のいえ | Works | 岐阜の設計事務所 ピュウデザイン|住宅設計、店舗設計、新築、リノベーション、家具デザイン