An Infographic detailing the history of Vivienne Westwood, the iconic fashion designer.

Fashion infographic & data visualisation The History of Vivienne Westwood Infographic Description An Infographic detailing the history of Vivienne Westwood

Tailleur écossais et cheveux roses

Londres, grain de folie

One might imagine that, at age 70, fashion designer VIVIENNE WESTWOOD’s days shocking the bourgeoisie might be long over.......particularly as a doyenne of the fashion industry, is to make no attempt to hide the ravages of time upon your face, all the while dressing like you don’t give a tinker’s damn what the world thinks an “old lady” is supposed to look like. Because, of course, you don’t.

When I think, who could possibly be the Queen of British fashion, only one name springs to mind - Vivienne Westwood, whose clothes are instantly recognizable

Most famous flag frock designed by Vivienne Westwood.

Vivianne Westwood ~ designs Red Carpet capsule collection honoring Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee

Vivienne Westwood hará públicos sus diarios

Vivienne Westwood hará públicos sus diarios

British designer and revolutionary activist, Vivienne Westwood has reached that point in a powerful woman's life when it's time to launch a book.

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Vivienne Westwood . Britain's design master, style movement leader, queen of pirates, tartans, courtesans, Victoriana , and bondage. She int...

nylon lace jacket w.floral print & skirt w.layers of polychrome nylon tulles design: vivienne westwood takashi hatakeyama/kyoto costume institute

Punk Fashion Debbie and Vivienne

punk Vivienne Westwood dressed in a typical punk outfit including tartan and straps with her friend in leather and studs.

viviane westwood

Vivienne Westwood Explains Punk Motivations By Adolfo Vásquez Rocca

VIVIVIENNE WESTWOOD is celebrating the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee with a new capsule collection, inspired by gowns the royal has previously worn.

Westwood’s Jubilee

Vivienne Westwood's capsule collection in homage to the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. Click through for some beautiful dresses with Westwood's delightful tailored punk twist.

Vivienne Westwood http://w

Like the tartan and your own collected pins worn as clothing. Credit: Philip Hollis/Rex Features Dame Vivienne Westwood, here photographed in her studio in London in was born Vivienne Isabel Swire.

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Vivienne Westwood, is an English fashion designer and businesswoman, largely responsible for bringing modern punk and new wave fashions into the mainstream.Photo by Tim Walker