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Zac Retz Art

Zac Retz Art

It was such an honor to be in a gallery show with some of my favorite artists (Alex Schaefer, Arthur Fong, Claudio Acciari, Mike Hernandez, Peter Chan, Nathan Fowkes, Yoriko Ito)

Zac Retz Art: Some Things...

Some Things...

A commission piece :) Paula Riley, she was the winner of my character thing on IG and FB. This is my sketch of her.

Zac Retz Art: Favorite Time of Year!

Favorite Time of Year!

1. Values, leading the eye with light. 2. Mid to dark bace to start painting on. 3. Add in areas of light. 4. Sketch in the charact...

Zac Retz Art: rain


Kurt Chang's beautiful drawing, my color. The amazing Susan Bibinski's drawing, my painting. My daily paintin...

Zac Retz Art: A Doodle

A Doodle

I always have a little doodle going on in the corner of my screen when I'm freelancing. Its helpful for me to work on multiple paintings ...

Zac Retz Art: Some Paintings :)

Some Paintings :)

Mark Boedges Study Some updates! I have a YouTube: and you can see ...