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Murano glass earrings by Firefrost

A selection of beautiful colourful Murano glass earrings in different styles and lengths
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Murano glass earrings - Lakeland Waters. I made the lovely drop earrings using a selection of blues and turquoise shades so that they go well with our Lakeland Waters pendants. The main glass bead is Murano glass and the two smaller ones are swarovski crystal. The earrings fittings are sterling silver


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Murano glass earrings - Purple, Carina Short

Carina short- various cols

Tribal Ers - Firefrost Designs

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Bi Colour heart Ers - Firefrost Designs

Murano glass bracelet by Firefrost . We love this lovely little multi coloured glass and silver bracelet. Goes well with our small Carina earrings.

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These 12mm Murano glass heart earrings have a gold background with a black and topaz pattern and go perfecting with our Pestaccio Heart Pendant.

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Carina short earrings by Firefrost. These earrings come in about 10 different colours and are just the right length to wear daytime to evening. You can see all the other colours on our website.

Earrings | Firefrost Designs

Amethyst Zebrato Ers - Firefrost Designs