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A Mughal gem-set gold mounted jade Pendant (Haldili) India, late 18th/early 19th Century cartouche-shaped, inlaid with gold and set with cabochon-cut rubies and emeralds and tablet-cut diamonds in a three-stemmed symmetrical floral motif emanating from a small oval ruby, with two birds in profile flanking the central diamond, drilled for suspension 5.2cm wide

"I naively thought the killing of elephants for ivory was over. Clearly not. According to two countries are planning on lifting the ban on ivory trading. From a design point of view I can appreciate 18th Century ivory artifacts. I just don’t really know why in the 21st Century we need to keep killing elephants so that someone can have an ornamental piece of ivory sitting on their desk."[direct quote]

Indian pesh kabz dagger, presented during the Prince of Wales’s Indian tour of 1875-6, with a blade of exceptional accomplishment, wootz steel, with a single polished edge and with two etched shallow grooves flanking a drilled bore in four sections which are filled with loose seed pearls and would obviously have certain practical limitations and it must be seen instead as an exercise in master bladesmithing. The Royal Collection.