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Spider-Man vs. Batman: Peter Parker & Bruce Wayne Go Head-To-Head In Superhero Economics (INFOGRAPHIC)

What a superhero makes. Batman v Spiderman: Today, we take a look at the lifestyles of Bruce Wayne and Peter Parker, and compare the cost of the out-of-costume identities of two of our favorite superheroes.

Iron Man

"Iron Man" by Paolo Rivera. (Tony has apparently purchased the Pantheon in Rome, and converted it into his suit closet.) He would you know, I can just hear him now. "It's just taking us space and besides it looks better on top of my tower.


Part Milly's enemy is spiderman, he has the power to shoot webs and spiders. He is not the typical good spiderman, he is a bad guy. I have chosen this picture of spiderman in his black suit to show that he is the enemy.